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from Altering The Deal by Order 66

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Man, there's a good few things in Star Wars that certain characters must look back on and cringe. Presumably their friends, like friends in any galaxy, never let them live it down.


Listen kid, I've travelled from one side of this galaxy
To the other and I've tried, but I've never seen
Anything to make me think
There's a way to stop these dinks
Bringing up those things you'd rather see forgotten
When will they drop them?

What can you say, what can you do?
When your sister ups and kisses you?
You've got one up on your new friend
But who'll have the last laugh in the end?

Your friends were watching TV news, they saw your AT-ST
Saw the rebel wrecking crews cower at its feet
And when the hatch began to open
They knew what they were seeing here
Was the pinnacle of your military career

But it wasn't even you in there
It was a walking carpet, a ball of hair

What can you say, what can you do?
Those teddy bears had bested you
The knocked you over on your ass
And left you sprawling in the grass

They'll make sure you're reminded
Of the time when Han was blinded
And he smacked you on your back
And fired off your rocket pack
And you flailed out

What can you say, what can you do?
Embarrassment will follow you
When will those chumps just let it lie?
I get it - many Bothans died


from Altering The Deal, released May 4, 2012




Order 66 Guildford, UK

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